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Fitness, friends and fundraising

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Fitness, friends and fundriasing

Track your training

Every time you go for a run, bike ride or even walk, track your activity with any of the available fitness apps. Once you've finished and logged your session, we'll grab the details, compose them into a great message to your friends and family, and send it out to your networks.

Fitness, friends and fundriasing

Share with your networks

Do you need that extra motivation for your training? We seamlessly post your update to your social networks, helping you raise awareness for the cause or charity you are training for and give you that extra pat on the back from your friends for training hard so hard.

Fitness, friends and fundriasing

Raise money for charity

All messages include a link out to your fundraising page helping you to easily keep you campaign in their minds and guide people to your donation page. You can have you page anywhere and we'll make sure they arrive safe and sound and ready to donate!